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This new family of wireless products represents a new important milestone in the search for innovative and at the same time simple to use products. The goal is to offer a series of variable frequency UHF wireless microphones that overcome, in the same price range, all the limitations of fixed frequency UHF models. The problems arising from use in areas where a frequency is disturbed by TV repeaters and the problems of component interchangeability have therefore been resolved. In short, more of a revolution than an evolution.

PMU 2211.jpg

PMU 2211

UHF Wireless System

100 frequencies

PMU 2212.jpg

PMU 2212

UHF Wireless System

200 frequencies

PMUV 40.jpg


MicWireless components and accessories


PMV 111.jpg

PMV 111

VHF Wireless System

1 fixed frequency channel

PMV 112.jpg

PMV 112

VHF Wireless System

2 channel fixed frequency

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