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Portable Wireless BT TX/RX

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Receiver and transmitter 5.0  We can consider BT BR01 the essential solution for any type of Bluetooth connection. With a convenient switch, located on the side, you can choose its function as transmitter or receiver. Thanks to its supplied accessories, such as 3.5>3.5 jack connectors, BT BR01 to a TV or any electronic instrument is equipped with a headphone output, thus transmitting the sound to a Bluetooth headset. By choosing the Receiver option, you can also transform a wired headset into a mobile reception system. We recommend using this accessory with the excellent Impact Bluetooth headset model BT 900. By pairing this headset with the BT BR01, you can, for example, listen to the TV and answer your mobile phone with a simple click on the headset.

- Battery life in operation: 10 hours  

- Charging time: 2 hours  

- Accessories included: Charging cable, Jack M/Jack M cable, Jack M/Jack M adapter

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