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11 / 15 Mono Channels - 1 Stereo Channel - USB/BT - 99 effects with DSP

LIVE X12.jpg


11 mono channels


LIVE X16.jpg


15 mono channels


-11-15 Mono Mic Inputs (Balanced XLR) / LINE IN (Balanced Jack) • -1 Stereo Input (2 Unbalanced Jacks) or USB type A or type B or BT
-1 USB/BT input with function activation switch
-1 PC connection with USB type B

-Stereo recording (44.1 KHz 32 bit float) on Computer (USB type B output)
-1 Stereo Aux In (RCA) input with dedicated volume
-Phantom power with main switch and for single Mic input
-Low cut at 75 Hz on Mic inputs 1 to 9
-Hi-Z impedance selector on inputs 10-11 (high impedance connection for guitar)
-Equalization +/- 15 dB (Treble 12 KHz Hi-Shelve – Bass 80 Hz Low Shelve) on all inputs
-Equalization +/- 15 dB parametric on the mids (from 150 Hz to 6 Khz) Mono channels

-3 AUX channels (pre or post fader) with adjustable general output level
-Peak indicator on Mono and stereo inputs
-PFL function on each channel
-MUTE function on each channel
-Adjustment of the effects level on each input channel
-Adjustment of the effects level on the main
-Multi effect DSP 99 effects
-7-band mixer output equalizer with switch to activate or exclude it

-12-segment LED Meter with peak memory
-1 Stereo Main Output (XLR and Jack balanced)
-3 Aux Outputs (Unbalanced Jack)
-1 Stereo Rec Out (RCA)
-1 Control Room Output (Unbalanced Jacks)
-1 Stereo headphone output (stereo jack) with level adjustment


-Dimensions WxDxH: 480x420x110 mm - (588x420x110 mm)
-Weight: 6 Kg - (7.4 Kg)

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